May-Ying Lam


Photo editing, photography, video and writing.


When the war broke in Syria, civilians were forced into one of two decisions: to leave for an uncertain future or to stay in their beseiged homes. This online spread shows the corresponding aspects of the various challenges of their lives, drawing visual metaphors between the two sides.


"The Run," a highly visual supergrid collection of the best photography, video and writing from the entire election cycle.


A photo feature and audio interview with photographer Donato Di Camillo, who found photography in prison and now takes amazing photos.

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4. and 5.

Mini Instagram pieces.

On left, A virtual contact sheet: Washington Post photojournalist Sarah L. Voisin was on assignment in Cuba as it prepared for a new wave of tourism. Take a behind-the-scenes look at how she shot one of her favorite frames.

On right, comparing the front page of Pope Francis’ visit to Pope Benedict’s visit with President Bush in 2008.


A photo feature on the Red Road Project, which aims to offer an alternative, more accurate portrayal than what's offered in mainstream media of what it means to be Native American.


Photo essay of the first Western photographer allowed into the concrete Nazi hive where Hitler and his mistress committed suicide when Soviet troops swarmed Berlin and the fall of Nazi Germany loomed.


A photo feature on photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales, who walked in the dead of night along the most likely routes that slaves took on their bid to freedom.